Friday, March 27, 2009

4 to 94: issue one

This idea has been developing in my mind for the past couple of months. Mainly I think it is confused about what happened. I went to school for early childhood ed, student taught 3rd grade, taught preschool for a term, and now I find myself a direct care worker at an assisted living home. So now I can't help noticing some amazing similarities between these age groups who exist at such opposing ends of life's spectrum.

both 4 and 94 year-olds will point out the exact spot on their plate where they want their ketchup puddle for fry dunking

both 4 and 94 year olds try to play card games, but only one player remembers the rules and often changes them for their own benefit,

both 4 and 94 year olds can easily be distracted about having to do something they don't want to by being told "you GET to (fill in blank) now!"

both 4 and 94 year olds are extremely picky eaters

both 4 and 94 year olds think their favorite show should be on RIGHT NOW, just keep changing the channel, it has to be there somewhere.

both 4 and 94 year olds resist taking their bath, every week

both 4 and 94 year olds think their neighbor at the table got more mandarin oranges in their cup, even though you've counted the exact amount to be fair

this is the one that annoys me most:

both 4 and 94 year olds think they are the only person who really matters and I am there to serve and gravel at their feet.

okay, that one was a bit mean, I am a bit annoyed today about the expectant attitutes with little greatfulness. So here is some of the goodies:

both love hugs

both sneak candy

both love jokes

Some quotes:
4-year-old: (about the overly sticky homemade playdough) "This playdough is like mud on on a warm summer's day" (insert wistful little sigh)

94-year old:
Me: How are you feeling today?
her: "Why, I feel with my hands, every day."

Thursday, March 26, 2009

real post, typed real slow

I need a real keyboard... but this works to let me write a bit.

I am called Sparrow at a summer camp/outdoor education camp in Northern CA. We all had to choose cheesy, outdoorsy names for the kids to call us, because that is apparently more fun and makes it easier for us to hide our facebook identities from overly enthusiastic campers when we return to the new world. It also makes it hard for us to find each other. My phone number list in my cell has names like: Daisy, Cougar, Steller Jay, Rodeo, and Sarge, all are people I was once pretty close to, and can`t remember what their real names are.

My husband chose to be "Walker" as in Texas Ranger. This added to the kids` confusion as he was one of the few allowed to drive around on camp.

I called myself Sparrow. Not, as one parent asked, because I think so little of myself, but because I needed the daily reminder that God is in control and was taking care of me. There is a verse, I think in John, about how God will care for us abd we are not to worry; we can see that He even cares for even the smallest sparrows. (my paraphrasing of course). Every time I was called Sparrow, Iwas reminded of this promise. I have a little sparrow figuriene to this day on my nightstand as a reminder, and thought continuing the name would be nice in continuing quest to learn not to worry.

what would you name yourself?

first try

I am painstakingly writing this on my Nintendo Wii. Must point controller at hunt and peck keyboard on TV. Just wanted to try it out. Real posts to come with real keyboard.