Tuesday, November 3, 2009


So I crashed the computer lab at the local community college to get online and catch up on 7 months of internet fasting. Whoohooo!

Life is good and not much changed since my last post last MAY! Doing my time at the assisted living. The ladies are much the same. They still squabble over who drew a card or not in thier Kings on the Corner games and demand soy sauce for their chicken florentine. I have had some resident changes that have occured. Some have gone home to live with family members, some with God. I learned that I can handle resident deaths well, but I think it will be different depending on the resident. I know you aren't supposed to play favorites, but it must be human nature. They were all ready to go, and though there is grief for the family, there is peace in living to 94, saying goodbye and going home to the Lord, never to suffer again.

On a lighter note, school starts for me in January. I am getting psyched to move forward. I have orientation on Friday, so I will have more to say with what will happen after that. I know that I will have clinicals two days a week, which means I will be paying the school to be allowed to work at a nursing home... oh well. If this gets me closer to being a midwife, so be it. For now I am frantically working out my school loans and grant. I should be recieving grant money from the state that will pay for half of school since nursing is in high demand. As of august, I was in, but I get nervous with months passing and no communication.

I adore my cat. I weighed him this morning and he has hit 8 pounds! Since he was a stray baby, I had to guess his birthday, and affectionatly placed him on April 1st, since I still feel like it is some sort of prank that I ever got him. I guess that makes him about 7 to 8 months old. He has now had all his baby shots, is fixed, and (I'm not thrilled, but) declawed.(appartment rules). I find it ironic that my cat is an anxious little guy.(I have anxiety issues, and God has a sense of humor.) I think he doesn't like my ever changing schedule and not knowing when I will be home with him, so he has decided that I may not be more than 3 feet from him when I am home and he constantly talks to me. I love it.

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