Thursday, April 2, 2009

spring cleaning

So I had the chance to use a real keyboard yesterday, but do I? No. Instead I use the real internet access with the added perk of a hard drive to find the cute little picture of the bird. So now I am again hunt-and-peck-wii-mote typing and cramping my hand. What a cute bird.

Today my husband and I are cleaning the appartment. We do this on occasion; usually when my parents are coming, or like now, when appartment inspections are coming. Every six months our landlords get to come look around, looking for structural damage, hidden cats, burn marks, or meth labs, and make sure we are all being good little residents.

On our one and only previous inspection, we were left a nice little love note that we were in lease violation for "some minor housekeeping issues." So there were a couple of cereal bowls not in the dishwasher, and a stack of unfolded laundry was hibernating on the living room floor. How could we be so dangerous. Jerks.

So that brings us to why today is cleaning day. The last two weeks of this month are inspection days. Time to get out the shovels and a can of lysol.


  1. How are you going to hide your meth lab and your sixteen cats?

  2. They will go in the awkward water heater closet. You know, the one we arent allowed to store anything in. I am sure they will never look in there.